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Appearance request guidelines

The Rochester Knighthawks appreciate the level of enthusiasm surrounding the K-Hawks and thank all our fans for their support. As part of the community outreach of the Knighthawks, the players and dance team will make non-gratuitous appearances for non-profit organizations, schools and civic functions based on their availability. The following information will explain our procedures and guidelines to assist you with your Appearance Request, specifically as it relates to the Knighthawks potential involvement.

The Knighthawks are excited to announce their Anti-Bullying Program for the 2013 NLL Season. Click here to fill out an appearance request form to have the Knighthawks come to your school.

Knighthawks Take a Stand Against Bullying (WROCTV)

Appearance requests during the offseason are limited due to the availability of players residing in Rochester. All requests for player(s), dance team or staff appearances must be submitted in writing at least two weeks in advance of your event.

Written request must be submitted on official letterhead and include:

  • Organizations Name, Full Address and Telephone Number
  • Type of Event/ Program
  • Contact person's name
  • Day, date, time and length of event
  • Event location
  • Specific role of player(s) and staff member(s)
  • Number of people at the event
  • Directions and estimated drive time to the event location

Please mail written request to:
Rochester Knighthawks
Community Relations Department
144 Exchange Blvd., Suite 102
Rochester, NY 14614

All requests will receive a letter of approval or denial prior to the event. Approved appearances will receive a confirmation telephone call from a representative from the Knighthawks prior to the event.

Helpful Hint:
It is highly recommended that your event be not centered on an appearance by a player or staff member, but rather should be approached as a complimentary element to your program.